15 April 2009


Still pretty happy here. ;> Thanks for being happy with me. It's so GREAT to be able to share progress!

It's like that kitten at the beginning of the last video when he gets to those last few steps... What? You missed the video? Even with the nice title I gave it? KIDDING. I know--it got overshadowed by my amazing news. And I do love having amazing news to share.

But do go read that post before it.(<--That's the same link, just in case you didn't click it up there. I wanted to give you a second chance.) Because, IF I start a new blog when d2b is home and it has the address I think it will, then you'll need to have read that post for it all to make sense.

I'd hate to leave you out of the loop.


mommyto5 said...

Hi Kate,

Wanted to say congrats on your happy news email!!! Best wishes that more good news follows.

Cute video too, my oldest adopted daughter was watching it with me and she said " Mommy the little kitten is sad because she lost her Mommy, I hope she finds her Mommy like I found my Mommy" How far we have come and moments like these remind me just of that. Soon you will treasure moments like these with your d2b!

Anonymous said...

I'm also a Sesame Street baby. Love me some Grover and Cookie Monster. And, not surprisingly, my daughter is now obsessed with All Things Elmo.

julian said...




I am thinking,

I could go on and on!!
this is fun!!

Suz said...

Oh Kate I'm so happy to read this news!!!

I am just beyond thrilled for you. I can't wait to read more and more as the days go on.

beckyww said...

Praying for you HARD. HARD HARD HARD.

You're almost there, my friend!

Melissa said...

Kate - I am SO happy for your email - I'm thinking a fortnight would be perfect! :) And I enjoyed the "blast from the past" - what a great video. I remember loving it then, and I love it now, too!

annmarie said...

you're insane, kate. I love you. That kitty is on Elmo's potty training video and I now associate that furry little creature with angst and dispair.

Annie said...

I sure don't want to be out of the loop and thanks for the "rewind" because I DIDN'T watch it the first time - wow! You ARE a great teacher!

JJJ - you have a future. I wish you'd been around when I was trying to name my own blog!

Calico Sky said...

Boy I'm confused.

Seasame Street with war stories?
Trying and trying again?

J. said...

Sesame Street RULES! It has changed since I raised my first round of kids, but I'd just say it is different...like all of us, it changes with time, and we'd all like to think for the better, right?

Jenni said...

I did miss that video the first time around, so thanks for sharing again! The kids watched it with me, and when the little turtle flipped itself back over, they cheered. :)

Barb said...

So glad about the email. I hope you hear something really soon! Things are finally moving along for you!