26 April 2009

passing the time

Yep. Just sitting here killing time and filling space while we count down those two weeks...

I could write about the names I'm thinking of using, but I already did that.

I could write about how differently I think I'll parent a pi child than I would a bio child, but I already did that, too.

That's what my mind is filled with right now. You can see that it's been filling my mind for a long time.

But what can I give you...

I headed out Saturday to run an errand. I was struck with how empty Palace Square was...but how typically it was peopled. Then I realized--you might now know what it usually looks like. AND, I had my camera...so... Here are the soldier boys marching across the square. It's likely that a practice for Victory Day was in the offing.
Carriages lined up in front of the Hermitage waiting for tourists:

Tour groups in front of the Hermitage.

Roller-blading siblings:

A motorcycle rally (This is not completely typical. But, it IS typical for the square to be used as a public gathering place--for bike races, roller blade rallies, marathons, celebrations, concerts, etc.):

On the way homeI wandered through a book store and picked up some sticker books to take on my referral trip.>

And then ended up stopping by the store for a few odds and ends. When I saw this I had to eat it for my sister--who loves chocolate covered cherries. It was good--but the stick was all the way inside the ice cream.

This is the sign letting everyone in my courtyard know that Saturday was subbotnik. While I was out I checked on my own courtyard and on the nearby street mentioned. It seems the compulsory voluntary work days that Lenin held dear are held less dearly today.


Debbie said...

What a nice "day in the life" post - you know I'm a fan of those! Love the pictures!

Barb said...

Interesting stuff, Kate. We went through the whole name thing too. The idea of another Russian name crossed my mind, but then I thought "What if it's a name of someone she hates!" LOL. We changed her name because of the 3 distinct pronunciations of her name in Russian, Swedish and English. I also had lists of girls names I loved over the years, but alas, she didn't get one of those!LOL!

beckyww said...

That ice cream looks very tasty!

Jim said...

Looks like you're having great weather! I am still amazed every time I see you post photos of what's just down the street from your place. It's an incredible thing.

Suz said...

Love all the pix!

I'm sure you're just on pins and needles with your mind whirling! It's totally normal and part of the fun! Really!

I'm so excited that you've got some news coming "just around the corner!"