13 April 2009


I am a Sesame Street baby. The show started the year I was born. When my sister came home on my third birthday, I wanted to name her Maria. (I also wanted to exchange her for a puppy. Neither happened. Go fig.) Friends tell me today's Sesame Street is a little less wholesome, a little too pc, and a little less magical than it used to be. But I grew up in the golden age of Sesame Street. I can sing you soooo many Joe Raposo songs...

Here's one. I just love the kitten in the beginning of this and all. those. stairs.

I'm thinking when d2b comes home I may need a whole new blog filled with classic Sesame Street clips interspersed with war stories. (Okay, it's spring break. I've got a cold and lots of time on my hands.**note: Post was written during spring break, though today was a school day. And the doctor says he doesn't think it's strep--test will be back on Saturday.)

At any rate, enjoy. And keep on trying and trying again.


Holly said...

Sesame Street isn't the same, but once in a while they do throw in an old song or two. Last year (or was it the year before?) a child who was adopted from Guatemala in real life was added to the show as the adopted son of a single mom on Sesame Street. That was kind of cool, though it was a very sugary sweet version of the process.

Rachael said...

Is that song not a metaphor for your adoption or what?! Who knew back in the days that Sesame Street would prepare you for so much!

Calico Sky said...

Oh you know as a kid I was never allowed to watch Sesame Street, my parents thought it was too aggressive & uneducated. Seriously.

However, I enjoyed re-living my childhood by watching bits & pieces through the baby-sitting years.

That song & video had me in tears. I can so relate. Thank you.

Yes, you were one of the two :0)

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

PC? That's funny. I'm stting here watching 'Street' with my small one and Jack Black is teaching Elmo what an octagon is using a stop sign. I don't typically associate Jack Black with PC :)

I'm a Sesame Street kid myself and I actually like the changes!

Feel better!


Annie said...

I hate to admit I am too old for Sesame Street (Romper Room girl, here) and I am like Calico Sky's parents. I did not think it sufficiently wholesome for my own kids - well, it was TV! for heaven's sake!!! However, I love this video and also enjoyed (so much) the Sleep one you shared. :)